Vacancy Sourcing Service What exactly can I sign up to and over what time period?  wikidata offers monthly, quarterly and annual subscriptions.  Longer length subscriptions  offer better value for money, as they are offered at a lower rate pro rata.  We prefer to  develop longstanding relationships with our customers, and are confident that most  customers who subscribe initially for one month will upgrade their membership to a  longer period once they have experienced the benefits for themselves.  What is the exclusivity?  What if my competitors sign up too?  What safeguards are in place to avoid  losing competitor advantage using our service?  It is possible to have absolute exclusivity for a price, and we would be happy to negotiate this with any  customer who would like to explore this.  However, it is generally only a select few agencies that will  receive information.  This is because wikidata limits the number of Recruitment Agencies in one  sector/area to ensure that their opportunities are maximised.  This is extremely important to us, because  we recognise that customer satisfaction leads to retention and repeat business, and we feel strongly in  developing good working relationships with the select agencies who subscribe to our service.  Also, not all agencies will want all vacancies.  Our experience so far shows us that there are thousands  of vacancies at any one time, and that agencies tend to focus on certain industries or geographical  areas.  Our software has been developed so that different parameters can be set according to our  customer’s requests.  This ensures a bespoke service, and avoids duplication of vacancy intelligence to  a number of customers.  FAQ - Page 2 © Dalreada Ltd 2011 All rights reserved. Privacy + T&C statement. Previous Page