Vacancy Sourcing Service How often will I receive vacancy updates?  You will receive any vacancy updates on a daily basis  How many vacancy updates will be sent to me each day?  This depends on many things, but is directly reliant on the employers and what they have changed on  their vacancy pages.  Depending on what sector you have subscribed to, it could be none, but on the  other hand possibly up to 50 or more. Remember, for our service, the quality of the knowledge is what  matters, not the quantity. How many pages do you currently monitor?  We currently monitor over 30,000 pages, and this is increasing daily. We do not monitor Job Boards.  That information is easy to gain by recruitment consultancies already. The 30,000 pages are actually  30,000 individual companies.   Can you track my own clients pages? Absolutely, and you can be confident that we will not sell this data to any other company. We view this as a bespoke service. Please call us to discuss this exclusive option further. FAQ - Page 1 © Dalreada Ltd 2011 All rights reserved. Privacy + T&C statement. Next Page