Information Services Information is the life blood of an organisation. Knowing where it is, where it is going, and  who is reading it, is critical to maintain control of it. Lose control of your information, and you lose control of your organisation.  Wikidata has a number of solutions for:  Outbound email tracking  o Know where your emails are being forwarded to, who is reading them and for how long  o Keep an archive of all your outbound email, so you can be protected for legal reasons  Inbound email routing and indexing  o emails can be duplicated and sent to additional indivduals based on content  o content as well as attachments can be saved and automatically indexed for easy retrieval  Website tracking o Determine who is visiting your website, use this to provide additional sales leads to chase  Employee monitoring  o Are your employees behaving? Monitor what they typing, see what they are looking at  After discussing your desires and requirements, we will offer and advise what we feel is the most appropriate  and cost effective solution that will meet your needs.  Please contact us for a confidential consultation of your requirements.  Information Tracking Service © Dalreada Ltd 2011 All rights reserved. Privacy + T&C statement.