Information Services Our NewBiz Information Service sends you daily or weekly emails, of the previous  days/weeks new businesses registered at Companies House, which you can then send  your direct mail marketing material to.  Crucially these businesses in most cases will not have a telephone number, email  address or website yet. This allows you to make the first move and stay ahead of your  competition by contacting them first. The data is freely available from Companies House, but our secret is being able to identify just the new  businesses, and specifically then to be able to filter them by postcode, and finally getting the data into a  format you can easily use. Select as many or as few postcode areas as you wish. This makes it very efficient  and therefore cost effective for you.  The data can be supplied in whatever format you wish, and if you prefer for an agreed price, we can send  your marketing material direct to the new business on your behalf.  With over 15,000 new businesses being registered each month in the UK, we can help you get closer to  these 'ready to spend' business consumers at exactly the right time.    Until now data of this type has only been available on a monthly basis. Our NewBiz service is the first of its  kind to be available on a daily basis, allowing you to get in touch just as a business is starting out and when  the decision makers are making their first key purchasing decisions.   Call us to discuss in more detail what we can offer you.  NewBiz Information Service © Dalreada Ltd 2011 All rights reserved. Privacy + T&C statement.