Information Services Every night our state-of-the-art unique monitoring software checks tens of thousands of  company websites every day, looking for the ones that have changed their vacancy page  in the last 24 hours.  Specifically it sources and logs pages that have added new  vacancies to their own website. Our software then emails the link to these specific pages  direct to your or your team’s inbox by 8am, with the changes highlighted.  Your recruitment consultants will know about the new vacancy before your competitors for  two reasons.  Firstly, because it is usually the case the company website is changed before the company  places an advert in the newspapers.  Secondly, it is usually the case the company website is changed before  the company gives out the vacancy to recruitment agencies.  Just think how your consultants will feel, with this script:   “Good afternoon. My name is Joe Bloggs from XYZ Recruitment.  I have noticed you have just added a new  vacancy to your website. We have a number of excellent candidates that are well matched to this role. Could  I interest you in allowing me to work the role and help fill your vacancy in an efficient and cost effective  manner?”  Your consultants can now be confident with their call.  No more cold calling resulting in  negative responses such as “I’m sorry we are not recruiting”………..No more time wasted  trying to find a company that is actually recruiting……… At wikidata, we are confident that, as a result of using our service, the morale of your  recruitment consultants will be higher, productivity will be enhanced and efficiency will be  greater.  Most importantly you or your team’s billing will be much higher. Vacancy Sourcing Service © Dalreada Ltd 2011 All rights reserved. Privacy + T&C statement.