Data Services The World Wide Web is a vast and rapidly growing source of information. Most of this information is in the form  of unstructured text, making the information difficult to interrogate in a meaningful and structured way.  Web Scraping is a process that allows target Internet databases that are visible only as HTML pages to be  “acquired” and then for an identical replica of those databases to be created locally. wikidata prides itself on its  ability to “acquire” this information.  Every project is different, and requires a different approach to maximize the amount of data that can be sourced.  The extraction process needs to deal with many problems such as HTML forms, session identifiers and client-  side JavaScript, but we have an impressive array of tools that either have been purchased or developed in  house to help us in the process. Just tell us what you want to get, and how you want it formatted and we do all the work and send the results  directly to you. The database format can be supplied in any format. wikidata can also import it into an existing  database, or create a brand new application to host the data.  Web Scraping © Dalreada Ltd 2011 All rights reserved. Privacy + T&C statement.